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Last Updated 28 Mar 21 17:13 GMT
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Bahrain GP - Results are in!

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the Bahrain GP.

The best score posted today was 696 - and 5 of you managed to pick the winning combination of drivers. Congratulations to Stephen Brady, Nigel Robinson, Nikki W, Sally Anne A and Carlos C for setting the pace.

It's the Italian GP next up in 3 weeks time. You are now able to make changes to your driver line-up ahead of this race.

Entries have also been re-opened. So if you arrived late it's not too late to get involved. There's still 22 races left!

Sunday 28th March 2021 17:22:50 pm GMT

Verstappen on POLE!

Provisional points awarded for qualifying have been updated for the Bahrain GP. It has skewed the driver values a little but that will sort itself out when the final results are uploaded after the race tomorrow.

On a separate note - it's great to see so many of you back this year. From our current Top 100 in the legends table, 87 have signed up for every competition year since 2014. That's some commitment, so thanks for your support.

It looks like it's going to be a very competitive year - so let's all sit back and enjoy the racing.

Sunday 28th March 2021 14:14:09 pm GMT

Parc Fermé Conditions

We have reached the official start time of qualifying for Bahrain, therefore no further driver changes are permitted until after the completion of the race on Sunday.

Good luck with your selections in your respective leagues! We can look forward to a bumper 23 race calendar this year so don't be too disappointed if your drivers don't perform from the get-go. There's plenty of time to make up any lost ground.

Missed the cut-off? Entries will be re-enabled after the race on Sunday - so come back then if you want to get involved.

Anyway - for Bahrain these are the most popular selections:-

M. Verstappen 69%
L. Norris 45%
S. Pérez 40%
D. Ricciardo 33%
P. Gasly 25%
V. Bottas 24%
G. Russell 22%

Saturday 27th March 2021 14:59:50 pm GMT

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