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Status Open
Last Updated 13 Dec 20 15:02 GMT
Next Event Bahrain GP
Cut-Off 27 Mar 21 14:00 GMT
Total Entries 201


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Grid is complete!

Now that Lewis's contract is signed, we finally know which 20 drivers will be lining up on the starting grid for the Bahrain GP on 27th March. That leaves around 6 weeks for you to decide who will be representing your team in Fantasy Racers 2021.

As the season opener is still some way off, you can now receive an automated email reminder nearer the time - just head to the My Account section and toggle your Receive Reminders by Email option.

All of the usual Private League functionality is available.

Fantasy Racers no longer has any advertisements and is 100% free. Why not join this small (but perfectly formed) competition and get your friends and family involved too. It may not be the biggest Fantasy F1 competition around, but we all have fun, right?

Monday 8th February 2021 13:05:44 pm GMT

Fantasy Racers 2021

The competition is now ready for your entries in the 2021 edition of Fantasy Racers.

Racing is set to get underway in March so there's plenty of time to mull over those all important driver selections for the Melbourne Bahrain opener.

If you want to get ahead of the game you can also set up your Personal Leagues ready for the off.

There's also a Fans League this year - so remember to pick your favourite driver in the My Account section.

Also - if you wish to receive a reminder ahead of each GP, there's also an automated email reminder feature. You'll find this in the My Account section too.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday 19th January 2021 14:45:30 pm GMT

Work in progress!

I'm currently working on putting the 2021 Fantasy Racers competition together. You can see the final 2020 standings here.

Saturday 19th December 2020 10:42:51 am GMT

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