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Bahrain GP
The next event is Bahrain GP which gets underway in around 27 days.
195 teams are entered for this race. 1131 Privateer entries remain available.

Fantasy Racers 2023

Fantasy Racers is back for another year!

There are 23 rounds this year, starting on 5th March and running through to 26th November.

Regular players will be pleased to learn that the rules and scoring are unchanged from last year.

So why not create your team and draft in your provisional line-up for Bahrain. You can change your driver line-up right until the scheduled start time of official qualifing.

Joshua Ashton is the reigning champion and looks to be the one to beat having finished as runner up in 2021 before claiming the top spot last year. Joshua has already entered for this year so is intent on defending his crown.

Rodrigo C's Fresh Knickers was the top scoring personal league of 2022. So for maximum enjoyment, why not create a personal league and invite your family/friends/work colleagues to play along. It's so much more fun when you know who you're beating.

That's all from me for now. Remember to create your team in good time for the season opener in around 5 weeks time!


Thursday 26th January 2023 10:35:28 am UTC

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the season finale - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

John Harris finished the season by posting the top score today - 840 points - which was good enough for John to hold on to second position overall. Unfortunately for John is wasn't quite enough to overhaul the Fantasy Racers champion of 2022 - Joshua Ashton.

Joshua held on to win this years title by just 60 points, going one better than last year where he finished runner up. Congratulations!!!

In third position was Shaun Harding, who you may remember as the champion of 2018. Shaun was 168 points off the lead pace this year but I'm sure will settle for a spot on the podium.

The top private league this year was Rodrigo C's Fresh Knickers. It was quite close in the end but Julia M's Formula P1nts had to settle for second, with Alex Hunt's The Brothers Hunt League completing the podium in third.

Well, that's all for this year. Hopefully we can do the same again next year.


Sunday 20th November 2022 15:12:53 pm UTC

São Paulo Grand Prix

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results from the São Paulo Grand Prix.

Joshua Ashton achieved the best score of the weekend adding 1353 points to his season tally and jumps 3 positions to sit at the top of the overall standings.

219 points off the lead pace is John Harris and Shaun Harding is just 1 point further adrift in third. It's all to play for with just 1 race remaining!

Next up is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this coming weekend, where we'll find out who the Fantasy Racers Champion is for 2022.

Monday 14th November 2022 08:26:43 am UTC

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