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Other Rules

If any eventuality arises that has not been considered in respect of this competition or the scoring we reserve the right to add or amend these rules in a manner we consider to be the fairest.

All results will be taken as published on Any subsequent amendments to these results will, where reasonably practicable, lead to the competition scores being re-calculated. Corrections will only be considered where amendments to the race results are known and published prior to the cut-off of for the next rally. Any amendments that occur after this period will be disregarded. Any amendments after the final rally of the season will only be recognised if full details are known and published within 1 week of the completion of the event. In all instances, where a result is amended after the original competition update, there will be no corrective adjustments to the drivers value for driver transfers already made.

All times stated on this website are GMT (unless otherwise stated). Any validations based on time will be determined by the SERVER timestamp that this competition is running on. Although the time is frequently checked, it is up to you to ensure your entry and/or changes are submitted in good time before the race weekend. You are also able to adjust the displayed time in the Account area if you are in a different time zone.

The league positions are determined by the number of points scored by each team. Where points are tied the value of that team will taken into consideration - the highest value first. If teams are still tied, the order on the league table will determined by the date/time of entry - earliest entries first.

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