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Mexico GP

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the Mexico GP. Apologies for the delay.

The best score from this race was Anthony Skitt who added 1025 points to his season total. Anthony jumps 24 positions to sit in 28th overall.

Scott Oliver remains in the overall lead stretching the gap to 238 points over Thomas Hall in second. Joshua Ashton climbs back to third 257 off the lead pace.

It's the São Paulo GP next up. There's a sprint event so driver selections will be frozen on Friday.

Monday 30th October 2023 06:50:01 am UTC

US GP - results amended!!!

Well that's certainly shaken things up a bit at the top of the standings. Hamilton and Leclerc have been disqualified from the feature race.

Scores have been updated and shuffled things around at the top of the overall league table.

Scott Oliver now leads Thomas Hall by 27 points, Karen P still third 141 points off the lead pace.

Monday 23rd October 2023 07:21:25 am UTC

US GP - results updated

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results from this weekends US GP.

Top marks this weekend go to Scott Oliver. Scott posted a weekend tally of 1048 points and moves to within 34 points of the overall lead.

Things really are getting close at the top of the standings. Joshua Ashton still leads and is hoping to be the first player to ever win back to back championships. Scott is just 34 behind Joshua and Thomas Hall sits third, a further 133 points adrift.

We head straight in to the next race weekend with the Mexico GP. You can now update your drivers for this race.

Sunday 22nd October 2023 21:09:26 pm UTC

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