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Competition Summary
Status Open
Last Updated 01 Jan 20 00:00 GMT
Next Event Austrian GP
Cut-Off 04 Jul 20 00:00 GMT
Total Entries 648

4 weeks to go!!!

There’s just a little over 4 weeks to go until the lights go out in Melbourne. What a great time to create your Fantasy Racers entry and start drafting your team for the upcoming season.

You can change your drivers around as much as you like up until the scheduled start time of official qualifying. You can also create a private league and challenge your friends, family or work colleagues to a private battle.

Also - new this year - previous players can see their overall rank in Fantasy Racers F1 competitions since 2014. Once entered, just click on your 2019 ranking on the league table to see where you stand. Me? A not so impressive 69th. I’ve clearly got work to do on improving that.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved!

Thursday 20th February 2020 20:37:13 pm GMT

Looking for our 2019 competition?

If you're looking for the 2019 competition you can find it at

Saturday 14th December 2019 11:35:38 am GMT

Changes to Fantasy Racers 2020

Regular players will notice a new look to the site for 2020. The new layout has been designed to work better on mobile devices - so will hopefully be easier to run from your tablet or smartphone. There have also been a few changes to the competition rules - outlined below.

From 2020, there will be no different strategies for Fantasy Racers. All players will be given a 45.0m starting budget and will be able to make as many driver changes as they like between each of the races.

Additionally, no bonus points will be awarded for predicting the first retirement, fastest pit stop, drivers on lead lap or winning margin. The bonuses were only selected by 20% of players - so wasn't a popular feature.

These changes have been made to bring the F1 competition in line with our other competitions, ensuring that the ongoing maintenance of the site is considerably less complicated and will no doubt increase it's longevity.

Friday 13th December 2019 19:33:27 pm GMT

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