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Australian GP
The next event is Australian GP which gets underway in around 9 hours.
897 teams are entered for this race. 952 Privateer entries remain available.

It’s lights out and away we go!

Well, tomorrow actually. But as the qualifying session has started the driver selections have been frozen for this race weekend.

Good luck with your selections. Driver transfers will be re-enabled once the race scores have been updated tomorrow.

Saturday 4th March 2023 15:07:33 pm UTC

Final Call for Entries ahead of Bahrain!

Not long now until driver selections are frozen for the Bahrain GP.

To qualify for points for this race, be sure to enter your team and select your drivers prior to the scheduled start time of Saturdays qualifying session.

There was some speculation that Lance Stroll may not be fit for this race having had a cycling accident, although at the time of posting this reports suggest he is fit enough to start. If he's in your starting line-up it may be worthwhile keeping an eye on the news in case anything changes prior to qualifying.

Good luck!

Thursday 2nd March 2023 18:49:06 pm UTC

Fantasy Racers 2023

Fantasy Racers is back for another year!

There are 23 rounds this year, starting on 5th March and running through to 26th November.

Regular players will be pleased to learn that the rules and scoring are unchanged from last year.

So why not create your team and draft in your provisional line-up for Bahrain. You can change your driver line-up right until the scheduled start time of official qualifing.

Joshua Ashton is the reigning champion and looks to be the one to beat having finished as runner up in 2021 before claiming the top spot last year. Joshua has already entered for this year so is intent on defending his crown.

Rodrigo C's Fresh Knickers was the top scoring personal league of 2022. So for maximum enjoyment, why not create a personal league and invite your family/friends/work colleagues to play along. It's so much more fun when you know who you're beating.

That's all from me for now. Remember to create your team in good time for the season opener in around 5 weeks time!


Thursday 26th January 2023 10:35:28 am UTC

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% of 2023 costs covered by donations.


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