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Bahrain GP
The next event is Bahrain GP which gets underway in around 26 days.
197 teams are entered for this race. 1129 Privateer entries remain available.

Mexico City Grand Prix

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of the Mexico City Grand Prix.

Top scorer today was our 2018 champion Shaun Harding. Shaun jumps 2 positions to sit 2nd in the overall standings.

John Harris still leads overall by 152 over Shaun, Kieran Ashton drops back to third, 11 points further adrift.

Just 2 races remain in the 2022 campaign. Next up is the São Paulo Grand Prix in 2 weeks time. You can now update your driver line-ups for this race.

Sunday 30th October 2022 22:00:47 pm UTC

Alonso Penalty - now reversed

Scores for the US GP have been adjusted AGAIN to take into account Alonso's post race penalty reversal.

Friday 28th October 2022 08:07:32 am UTC


A few small changes are being implemented to try and encourage donations. This includes viewing the leagues/team drivers during a race weekend for Privateer Accounts. Additionally, a cap on the entry limit will be set for Privateer Accounts - a cap determined by the level of donations received.

Why? Well, Fantasy Racers costs me money to run. My time is free but the costs I have to pay each year are becoming a bit of a burden. So the change is being made to try and encourage more of you to donate. If more of these costs are not met by donations then the time may come to stop running Fantasy Racers altogether.

The approximate cost to me is around £500 a year. Not a huge amount but a cost I've mostly been funding out of my own pocket for a long time. Fantasy Racers needs to become financially self sufficient if it is to survive.

Fantasy Racers will return next year. But beyond that will require support from you, the players.


Sunday 23rd October 2022 21:14:58 pm UTC

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% of 2023 costs covered by donations.


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