How to Score

Your team will score points for each of your drivers as set out below.

For rounds where qualifying for the feature race is decided by a sprint race, qualifying points will be decided by the sprint race results and not the initial qualifying session. In this instance no points will be awarded for the initial qualifying session, nor will race points be awarded for the sprint race. I may do something more funky with the scoring next year if the revised format is likely to remain beyond the 3 races this season.

Qualifying *
Pole + 50
2nd + 30
3rd + 25
4th + 20
5th + 15
6th + 10
7th + 8
8th + 6
9th + 4
10th + 2
11th+ + 0

Driver Bonus Points
Each Lap Completed + 1
Fastest Lap + 25
Pos Gained (each place) * + 5
Driver of the Day + 25

Final Race Position
Win + 200
2nd + 100
3rd + 90
4th + 80
5th + 70
6th + 60
7th + 50
8th + 40
9th + 30
10th + 20
11th + 18
12th + 16
13th + 14
14th + 12
15th + 10
16th + 8
17th + 6
18th + 4
19th + 2
20th + 0

* The qualifying position is taken from the official results from the qualifying session or, where applicable, the sprint race. If a driver is disqualified from qualification then their position is determined by their starting position in the race. If a driver sets a time but starts further back on the grid as a result of a penalty the points are allocated to the driver based on the original qualifying position. For example, if a driver qualifies 5th but takes a penalty for an engine change and starts 10th on the grid, points are still awarded for 5th position. The 5th position is also used to calculate the 'Positions Gained' bonus points, which are calculated as (original qualifying position - final race position * 5 points). Negative points will not be awarded for positions lost.


If a driver takes part in qualifying but fails or is excluded from taking part in the race, the score for that driver will be zero for the whole weekend.

If a driver is disqualified from a race or event, and details are known prior to the cut-off for the next event, the score for that driver will be set to zero for the whole weekend where the incident occurred.

Where the full race distance is not completed, full points will be awarded for the Final Race Position regardless of whether 75% of the race distance has been completed.

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