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Welcome to the Fantasy Racing 2014 Competition, brought to you by FSPORTS.

This game, like all of the others run by FSPORTS, is completely FREE to play and includes full private league functionality. To find out more, check out our how to play page, or if you prefer to get stuck straight in click here to register.

Scores updated - Abu DhabiPosted : Sunday 23rd November 2014 16:54:50 pm GMT

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of our Abu Dhabi race.

Saurabh K's Driving Dragons posted the best score from this event adding 861 to the final tally of 2014, although sadly not enough to get involved in the top placings of 2014.

So our Fantasy Racers 2014 Champion is Chris Cullen with his entry Cullen's Cougars. Chris has been playing Fantasy Racers for 5 years now and is rewarded with our sponsors prize of a Grand Prix tour. Congratulations Chris, we'll be in touch soon to confirm your details.

A special mention to our runners up Alex Burrows and Ricardo G - you've certainly kept our winner focussed and made a competition of it.

Minor honours go to Donal O for the best strategy 2 entry, and to Reddit Fantasy F1 League for being the best Personal League of 2014.

Well, that really is all folks. After 14 years it is time to call time on the Fantasy F1 competition. It's been a very difficult decision for me but it has been made clear that it is not possible to run a competition based (albeit loosely) on the F1 championship without paying huge licensing costs or facing closure and/or legal challenges. So I would like to just thank those of you that have played and enjoyed the competition over the years. It's been a great journey and I have appreciated your support.

(the other competitions will continue as normal in 2015)

Scores Updated - BrazilPosted : Sunday 9th November 2014 20:16:51 pm GMT

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of our race in Brazil.

Top of the Brazilian class was Rob Reid's Timo's Big Glock Jockeys. Rob managed to post a race score of 1001 and jumps 17 places to sit in 14th overall.

There are no position changes in the top 6 in our overall league table, and Chris Cullen's Cullen's Cougars have 1 hand on the 2014 Fantasy Racers title with a lead of almost 500 points. Alex Burrows's livingthedream and Ricardo G's Ricards GP are the nearest challengers and will have to do something special to overhaul our current leader.

Donal O's Fooroareee still tops the Strategy 2 standings, and is 1 of 12 strategy 2 entries featured in the top 50 in our overall league table.

The final event takes place in 2 weeks time. Those on strategy 1 are now able to update their driver line-up. Reminder - no double points for this event.

Scores Updated - USAPosted : Monday 3rd November 2014 14:27:27 pm GMT

The scores and league tables have been updated with the shenanigans from the states.

Our overall league leader topped the tables for the US race, stretching the lead over the nearest rival to a whopping 367 points. Chris Cullens Cullen's Cougars now have it all to lose with only 2 events remaining in 2014. Alex Burrows livingthedream stays put in second spot now only 76 points ahead of Ricardo G's Ricards GP.

Donal O's Fooroareee still heads the Strategy 2 tables, now 1 of only 13 to feature in the top 50 overall.

Brazil next - those on strategy 1 are now able to update their driver line-up, as well as any strategy 2'ists that have drivers not competing in the next event.

Whilst a certain championship (that I'm not even allowed to mention any more) will be awarding double points for the last event of the year, that will NOT be the case at Fantasy Racers - it is, after all, a stupid idea.

Competition Updated - RussiaPosted : Sunday 12th October 2014 15:53:05 pm GMT

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of our race from Russia.

Mike Pridmore's Redgate Racing and Rachel Pope's Rachel F1 can both give themselves a pat on the back for posting the best scores from this event. Mike jumps 30 places to 59th in the overall standings, and Rachel jumps 176 places to 359th in the overall standings.

There are no changes to the positions of the top 6 in the league table, although Chris Cullen's Cullen's Cougars lead was reduced by 76 points to 204.

Donal O's Fooroareee reclaims top Strategy 2 honours having been knocked off for just a week. There are now 16 strategy 2 teams in the top 50, although none in the top 20.

Next up is the United States race in 3 weeks. Those on Strategy 1 are now able to update their driver line-up.

Competition Updated - JapanPosted : Sunday 5th October 2014 14:21:12 pm GMT

The scores and league tables have been updated with the results of our race from Japan.

Nobody could do better than our current overall leader - Chris Cullen. Cullen's Cougars added 802 points to the season total and now leads the overall standings by a whopping 280 points.

Alex Burrow's livingthedream maintains station in second, albeit a but further back than before, and Ricardo G's Ricards GP creeps back in to the top 3 to round out the podium.

Donal O's Fooroareee has finally been knocked off the top of the Strategy 2 table. Marc Leigh's shrewd bonus selections sent marcf1racing to the top of the strategy 2 standings, 1 of the 15 entries currently featuring in the top 50 overall.

Next up is Russia this coming weekend.

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